Electrical Safety for Qualified Electrical Workers

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About this course…

Designed for all maintenance and testing personnel who work on or near electrical equipment, this seminar meets and exceeds the basic OSHA mandated electrical safety training.  All of the concepts of electrical safety are carefully explained and both classroom and hands-on sessions assure that the skills and knowledge can be demonstrated to meet the OSHA requirements.  The basic classes and labs are primarily focused on applications below 600 volts, but an optional one day lab session is available for understanding and demonstrating the special skills and knowledge required for medium voltage applications.

Who should attend…

Electrical technicians, HVAC technicians, field-service personnel, electricians, multi-craft workers, supervisors and engineers responsible for employees that work on or near energized equipment from 50 volts to 25,000 volts and who would be classified as “qualified” by OSHA.


Attendees should have basic electrical training, field experience recommended but not mandatory.

The Details…

Course Length 2.5 days (20 contact hours)

Each open-enrollment student will receive a course text and a copy of NFPA 70E.

You’ll learn…
  • Recognize, understand and avoid electrical hazards and risks (Shock, arc flash and arc blast)
  • How to develop and implement a JSA/JHA to address hazards and plan the required steps needed to work safely on or near energized conductors and circuit components.
  • Safe work practices for work on or near metal clad switchgear, substations, motor control centers medium voltage motor starters and facility electrical systems.
  • How to place equipment in an electrically safe work condition and properly utilize lockout/tagout (LOTO) requirements.
  • Proper selection, maintenance, testing, use and storage of PPE and understand their purposes and limitations.
  • How to inspect insulated tools and understand their limitations of use
  • How to select and apply temporary grounds as well as specific equipment grounding hazards including step and touch potentials
  • How to use a transformer short circuit current/incident energy calculator and how to estimate incident energy under field work conditions
  • How to perform absence-of-voltage testing to ensure an electrically safe work condition
  • Review OSHA Electrical Safety Related Work Practice regulations (29CFR 1910.311-.335 as well as Articles 110, 12 and 130.
  • Understand the current utilization of NFPA 70E and the annex tables


OSHA requires demonstration of skills and knowledge.  Shermco’s “qualified person” training provides documented tests and hands-on lab sessions to meet OSHA’s mandates.  Shermco’s “qualified worker” training is designed to fully meet OSHA 29CFR1910.399, .332 and .333, as well as NFPA 70E Section 110.2.

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