Shermco wind and municipal energy services.

Helping electrical power corporations maintain fully integrated power and renewable energy efficiency.

Through Shermco Industries’ community and municipal energy services, you gain an experienced, reliable support partner in engineering, design and construction of community and municipal power systems. We offer turnkey solutions for both emergency and fully integrated power generation, including renewable energy sources and traditional, multi-fuel reciprocal engine generators.

Wind turbines, solar energy systems, and storage battery arrays are all components of the new approach to an independent, reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible power supply. Shermco Industries can act as your design/build general contractor responsible for installing complete systems, including engineering studies, equipment procurement, construction management, electrical services, and grid integration requirements, such as collector systems and substation design and construction.

  • Siting
  • Permitting
  • Civil construction
  • Electrical and communication systems installation
  • Testing and startup services

At Shermco Industries, the central focus is on the safety and reliability of both the system design and the workers who erect and operate the power facility. As experts on NERC/FERC reliability and communication requirements, Shermco Industries also assures compliance with local, state and federal power agencies.

  • Post-warranty services
  • Maintenance and O&M services
  • NERC/FERC reliability compliance services
  • Safety training and program design

When the decision is made to update, enlarge, or invest in a completely new integrated generation system, look to Shermco Industries’ community and municipal energy services as your independent source for responsible and safe solutions.

  • Wind energy convertors (wind turbines)
  • Multi-fuel reciprocal generator systems
  • Solar energy systems
  • Battery storage arrays
  • Bio-mass and landfill generation turbines
  • Electrical, communications, and SCADA equipment and software
  • Spare parts management

Our recommended solution for wind energy needs is the Vensys family of permanent magnet direct drive wind energy convertors, available in 1.5MW and 2.5MW. With various tower and blade configurations available to optimize performance based on local requirements, this low-maintenance state-of-the-art design has proven to be an excellent choice where there is little local support staff. The generator controls and major nacelle and rotor components are manufactured in Germany. The towers and blades are of USA or Canadian origin. For more information, visit

Wind and Municipal EPC Services

Helping community and municipal electrical power corporations achieve maximum uptime.