Energy is what drives the economy and Shermco makes sure you can provide the power to run.  Our experienced engineers and technicians have been working on electrical systems and electrical machinery for over 40 years and know what needs to be done to keep the lights on.  We offer a wide array of services for a generation facility’s motors, switchgear and power transformers.  And, we are experts in NERC/FERC reliability planning and compliance.  Shermco can also help with your transmission and distribution needs including substation design and upgrades and we have some of the best protection and control technicians in the business.

  • Electrical system testing and maintenance
  • Motor and generator field services
  • Conveyor motor and drive services
  • Large AC/DC motor repair and remanufacture
  • NERC/FERC compliance
  • Electrical safety training
  • Protection and control design, upgrade and testing
  • Transformer maintenance
  • Transformer oil and SF6 processing equipment
  • Oil test lab
  • CAN/ULC S801 Training
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