Circuit breaker repair specialists.

Keep your electrical systems up and running with expert service, on call 24/7, from Shermco.

Proper care of your equipment is the best insurance against system failure and plant shutdowns. And, no one is better at this than the expert technicians at Shermco. Our team can help you extend the life and enhance the performance of your circuit breakers and switchgear. Our services will save you money by avoiding downtime and reducing the expense of emergency repair.

Circuit breaker and switchgear retrofit.

The Shermco team has the expertise and know-how to solve the parts puzzle with skillful switchgear and circuit breaker retrofit capabilities.

Circuit breaker and switchgear repair.

Shermco technicians are NETA-certified and backed by some of the largest, state-of-the-art service shops in North America. Our parts inventory is extensive and exhaustive. No matter the OEM involved, our team has the training to produce the switchgear or circuit breaker repair solution you need.

For switchgear and circuit breaker repair, call Shermco. We’ve got the expertise and resources to solve your problem fast.

  • Molded and insulated-case circuit breakers
  • Low-voltage power circuit breakers
  • Medium-voltage circuit breakers and load-break switches
  • Motor starters and contactors
  • Acceptance and maintenance testing
  • Primary- and secondary-injection testing
  • Preventive maintenance and testing
  • Reconditioning and limited overhaul
  • Contact replacement and resurfacing
  • Onsite circuit breaker maintenance and remanufacturing
  • Retrofits and conversions
  • Retrofit of low-voltage circuit breakers
  • Medium-voltage vacuum retrofit
  • SF6 bottle and interrupter replacement
  • Insulator and bushing replacement repair
  • Custom breaker conversion for special applications
  • Remanufacturing circuit breakers
  • Equipment and parts replacement
  • Loaner breaker/exchange program
  • Breaker mechanism and maintenance training
  • Warranty coverage
  • Emergency after-hours service
  • 24-hour emergency pick-up

Circuit Breaker Services

Whether in our shop or at your location, we are ready to help maintain and protect your electrical systems.

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