Electrical power expertise in the petrochemical industry.

Let us keep your coker unit, reformer unit, alkylation unit, catalytic cracking unit, and medium-voltage substations in peak operating condition.

Acceptance testing and commissioning of electric power systems is vital prior to the initial start-up of any electrical system – especially in regards to process-related systems, such as coker, reformer, alkylation, and catalytic cracking units. Equally important is a comprehensive and relevant maintenance practice after start-up, to assure continued reliability and performance of your electrical equipment.

For best results, hire an industry expert such as Shermco to help you determine your facility’s degree of testing, including what tests need to be performed and what equipment should be tested.

Testing is essential for critical devices to function within industry standards and manufacturer specifications; it should be performed at the component level throughout your plant.

Commissioning is the process of applying system function tests upon completion of component tests. In commissioning, we subject your systems to various occurrences (faults, power outages, load steps, etc.) and verify that the sensing, processing, and action devices interact as intended by design.

For all your petrochemical, process-related electrical power needs, utilize the skills and industry-recognized expertise of a NETA-accredited company. Rely on Shermco Industries.

Petrochemical Industry Services

Our petrochemical specialists service coker, reformer, alkylation and catalytic cracking units, as well as medium-voltage substations.

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