Protecting your electrical assets through insulation oil testing.

From our technicians in the field to our in-house lab analysts, we can help you preserve your electrical equipment.

We can help you avoid costly downtime and equipment failures while extending the reliability of electrical transformers, tap changers, circuit breakers, rectifiers and other oil-filled electrical assets. With extensive oil and testing laboratory services, Shermco can provide a timely turnaround and accurate testing of mineral, silicone, FR3, and Envirotemp insulating oils. Each report includes test values, trends over time, and recommended repair and remedial actions. These quality services are available 24/7 on an emergency basis and include maintenance and recommendations from Shermco’s in-house analysts, who offer a combined 50 years of experience in transformer oil analysis, testing, and chemistry.

The majority of oil-filled electrical equipment failures can be avoided with a solid preventive maintenance program, which includes regular testing of insulating oils. Recommended filtering and dehydration greatly reduce the threat of electrical catastrophes while extending reliability of your valuable electrical assets. By identifying contamination levels of combustible gases, water, and particulates in insulating oils, our experienced oil testing analysts can identify chemical and material changes indicative of hidden conditions that can lead to equipment failure and suggest corrective actions.

  • Acid number
  • Interfacial tension
  • Color comparison
  • Moisture
  • Dissolved gas analysis
  • Dielectric
  • Visual and sediment exam
  • Furanic compounds
  • Degree of polymerization
  • Dissolved metal analysis
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)
  • Power factor
  • Specific gravity
  • Passivator inhibitor
  • Corrosive sulfur
  • Particle count
  • Temperature and viscosity
  • Wear debris

Oil Diagnostics and Analytics

With an in-house oil laboratory and full-time lab technicians, we can provide the corrective solutions you need.

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