Electrical solutions for the mining industry.

Rely on Shermco electrical services for maximum uptime in even the harshest mining environments.

Harsh environments in the mining industry can put a strain on your critical electrical systems, placing your productivity and people at risk. That’s why you need a partner like Shermco Industries to provide power system studies and design, engineering, proactive maintenance and emergency service for all your electrical assets. From load-flow studies to power quality and governmental compliance, Shermco guarantees complete plant optimization sure to satisfy all stakeholders.

Our engineers and technicians work closely with your plant risk, engineering and maintenance teams to create customized solutions that reduce cost, while maintaining plant reliability and safety for your workers.

Our effective maintenance programs are designed to prevent catastrophic electrical and machinery failures from choking your revenue stream. Historically, plants utilizing our vibration analysis, Doble transformer testing, power cable testing, switchgear and relay testing, thermography, oil testing, on- and off-line motor circuit testing and Caterpillar advanced wear coatings, experience high system availability, and maximum uptime. For best practices in mining industry electrical services, rely on Shermco.

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