Recovery begins with a call and ends with your facility restored to full service.

Shermco has the hands-on experience in all variety of electrical damage emergencies to bring you back to full power.

Floods, tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, explosions. Disasters can happen at any time. And, when disaster strikes, Shermco is the one to call. As one of the nation’s leading electrical maintenance, testing, and repair service organizations, we have everything you need to get your electrical infrastructure back in service fast – from the incoming electrical grid to your equipment on the floor.

In fact, it makes sense to write Shermco into your electrical disaster recovery plans in advance. We have a broad depth of experience in assisting various industries, from commercial, oil and gas, manufacturing and others, in recovering from unexpected, large disasters. Our mobile office trailer, mobile breaker shop, and 16-wheel disaster recovery trailer are ever ready to respond the moment you call. What’s more, our trained project managers are electrical damage restoration experts who can dispatch a large force of manpower, assets, and resources to the scene, pursuing an orderly approach to bringing your critical systems back on line fast.


STEP 1: Base Camp and Assessment
Our first responders immediately set up shop at your site, establishing basic services, assessing the situation and prioritizing the recovery process.

STEP 2: Data Acquisition and Control
Getting your facility back in order requires careful documentation, not only for re-commissioning, but for replacement and insurance purposes.

STEP 3: On-Site Cleanup and Repair
Our team promptly inventories your equipment. Salvageable assets are repaired on-site or sent back to our shop. Damaged assets are safely removed.

STEP 4: Installation and Testing
Shermco works with all variety of OEMs to safely install and test replacement equipment and prepare your facility for startup.

STEP 5: Startup and Commissioning
Following OEM and industry safety guidelines, Shermco brings your electrical assets back on line, from motors to switchgear, from substations to the factory floor.

STEP 6: Follow-up Consulting Services
Once your facility is back on line, Shermco remains available to ensure your power system operates at peak efficiency and reliability, after the disaster and beyond.

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