Consulting on a large project is the smart choice.

Shermco delivers consulting and design solutions to ensure the safe, sustainable use of electrical power. We specialize in consulting engineering, substation construction and management, and field services for all types of facilities.

Our Capabilities:

We develop flexible solutions to meet our clients’ needs by conducting feasibility studies for:

      • Conceptual design
      • Engineering evaluation
      • Capital cost evaluation
      • Schedule and timeline determination

We are committed to our clients, our industry, and the environment.

Our professional engineers put safety first in all aspects of electrical design for all types of projects:

      • High/medium voltage substations
      • Medium/low voltage electrical distribution
      • Relay protection
      • Standby & prime generators
      • AC/DC motor drives
      • Electrical service buildings
      • Instrumentation & controls

We help clients realize maximum effectiveness and operational performance over the life of their project. What sets us apart is our group of field-experienced engineers providing on-site testing, troubleshooting, and commissioning. This valuable field experience helps produce the best design for the client.

Shermco is vendor-independent; therefore we can objectively engineer, purchase, integrate, and install the most cost-effective products for our clients.

One Source. One Solution. From Concept to Commissioning.

The benefits are clear:
      • Engineered and flexible systems
      • Procurement services for all electrical components
      • Construction services to ensure the quality and reliability of the finished system
      • Project management from concept to final commissioning
      • We get the job done on time and on budget.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best return on their investment.

Power system studies help prevent major equipment damage and ensure:

      • Optimized plant performance
      • Extended life expectancy
      • Reduced downtime and energy bills
      • Improved safety and reliability
      • Our comprehensive arc flash hazard analysis ensures systems meet current standards and requirements
Shermco uses electrical power system modeling to provide:
      • Short circuit studies and equipment evaluation
      • Protective device selection & coordination
      • Arc flash hazard analysis and mitigation
      • Harmonic analysis and power quality
      • Load flow analysis and power factor correction
      • Steady state and transient stability analysis
      • Motor starting analysis

These studies form an integral part of the reliability and safety of any power distribution system.

Electrical Design and Consulting

Ensure safe, sustainable use of electrical power.