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Acceptance testing and commissioning with Shermco’s experienced certified technicians.

The inspection and testing performed on an electrical power system prior to initial energization is potentially the most critical preventive maintenance that the system will receive within its functional life cycle. Shermco’s professional engineers and InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) certified technicians are the right choice to test and commission your state-of-the-art power systems. Shermco’s highly trained project engineers and technicians possess the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise necessary to ensure that your newly installed system is energized in a manner that is consistent with its design, safety, and operational specifications.

Why you need acceptance testing:
  • Check for inadequate system design
  • Reveal improper coordination and calibration of protective devices
  • Find wiring errors or other commissioning deficiencies
  • Ensure all components function properly prior to energization
  • Examine equipment to ascertain it has not been damaged during delivery
  • Expose both new and existing problems with the system
  • Determine whether the equipment was installed properly
  • Verify equipment is in compliance with the specificiation
  • Confirm each component meets its design intent and limit
  • Extend the life of electrical equipment
  • Results can be used as a benchmark should problems occur in the first year of service or throughout a maintenance program
Shermco’s integrated acceptance testing and commissioning:
  • Commissioning plan development
  • Project design review
  • Acceptance testing and calibration
  • Verification of proper equipment installation • Verification of proper operation
  • Introduction of system safety methodology
  • Energization of electrical system
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Initial training for facility personnel relevant to new equipment operation
What Shermco professionals will do:
  • Verify proper operation
  • Identify installation problems
  • Assure total power system performance
  • Employ independent testing in accordance with strict industry standards
  • Utilize extensive experience with start-up, commissioning, and acceptance
    testing from a wide range of projects
  • Ensure all equipment, switches, and connections pass the grade for safe
    installation and operation
  • Thoroughly examine equipment following installation and wiring into power
  • Provide engineer-reviewed reports to document that your equipment is running properly
  • Offer recommendations to prevent any problems in the future.
Dedicated Projects group to manage EPC or Turn-Key type projects throughout their lifecycle including:
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Training, Asset Management, & Maintenance
Project Examples:
  • MINE SHAFT SUBSTATION – Complete EPC of 44kV to 13.8kV substation expansion
  • WINDFARM SUBSTATION – EPCM Turnkey of a 38MVAR 35KV substation expansion.
  • 25kV SKID SUBSTATION – Two transformers with main tie for single or redundancy operation.  Skids are portable and can be relocated
  • REFINERY PROTECTION & CONTROL – retrofit upgrade for all P&C elements of a 138kV outdoor substation and a 21 cell line up of 15kVswitchgear. The upgrade replaced legacy protection relays with modern multi-function SEL relays
  • SWITCHGEAR REPLACEMENT – retrofit upgrade removing vintage equipment and replace with modern arc flash resistance switchgear. Performed procurement, engineering, decommissioning, installation, and commissioning.  Vintage Equipment removed and installed/tested in a 96 hour shutdown window

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