Wind Generation Site Operations

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About this course…

This course was developed to provide wind farm technicians and supervisors with a thorough understanding of wind farm electrical systems from the turbine to the substation utility connection. Classroom discussion and instruction covering the particular safety concerns of working in an environment that has voltages from 690 V up to 500 kV is detailed. Workers at wind generation sites require a full understanding of the electrical hazards and safe work practices used to protect workers from the shock and arc flash dangers. Classes can be extended to include practical field exercises in topics like pad-mount transformer switching, substation switching, and substation safety. Attendees should bring their assigned PPE to the class for use in the labs and practical exercises.

Who should attend…

Site managers, technicians, and safety personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of wind generators.


Basic knowledge of electrical systems.

The Details…

Course Length 4.5 days (36 contact hours)

Each open-enrollment student will receive a course text and a copy of NFPA 70E.

You’ll learn…
  • Wind farm electrical system overview
  • Electrical hazard awareness
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Electrical safe work practices
  • Substation walkthrough (on-site only) (conditions permitting)
  • Lab session on air switch operation (on-site only) (conditions permitting)
  • Overview of operation and maintenance
  • Substation grounding
  • Personal protective grounding
  • Relays
  • Battery systems
  • Lab session on grounding (if available)
  • Pad-mounted transformer (if available)
  • Lab session on operation of PMT isolation switch (if available)
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