National Electrical Code

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About this course…

This course was developed to explain and provide practical exercises for understanding the significant sections of the NEC identified with commercial and industrial locations.  This is a critical document when repairing, updating or expanding current power systems and related machinery as well as for new construction projects.

Who should attend…

Electricians, electrical engineers, maintenance personnel, and facilities management who are responsible for safe and efficient use of electricity in their workplace.


Requires working knowledge of basic electricity, some knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC) would be helpful.

The Details…

Course Length 3 days (24 contact hours)

Each student will receive a course text. 2017 Understanding the NEC, Volume 1 Articles 90-480, by Mike Holt

You’ll learn…
  • What is a Code, Standard, and Recommended Practice?
  • The structure of the NEC
  • Article 90 – more than an ‘Introduction’ to the NEC
  • Definitions (Article 100)
  • General requirements (Articles 110 and 300)
  • Branch Circuits (Article 210)
  • Feeders (Article 215)
  • Services (Article 230)
  • Overcurrent protection (Article 240)
  • Grounding and Bonding (Articles 200 and 250)
  • Conductors (Article 310 and Annex C)
  • Motors (Article 430)
  • Transformers (Article 450)
  • Hazardous Locations (Chapter 5)
  • Practical exercises are included in this seminar-based program but no hands-on lab sessions
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