Motor Maintenance and Testing

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About this course…

This course is designed to provide electrical technicians and maintenance managers with a fundamental understanding of electric motors: how they work, how they break and what maintenance strategies can improve uptime performance.  Both electrical and mechanical tests and how they are interpreted are reviewed including hands-on skills training and assessment. These analytical tests are critical for troubleshooting and are at the core of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program (PdM) for rotating machinery in commercial, industrial and utility operations.

Who should attend…

Plant maintenance technicians and electricians.


Students should have basic electrical training, some field experience is recommended.

The Details…

Course Length 3 days (24 contact hours)

Each open-enrollment student will receive a course text (copy of NFPA 70B available at an additional cost).

You’ll learn…
  • Basic theory, construction and operation
  • Interpreting motor nameplates
  • Mechanical and visual inspection procedures for motors
  • Preventive (PM) and predictive (PdM) motor maintenance procedures
  • Bearing failure causes and how to correct them
  • NFPA 70B requirements
  • Hands-on (~30%) training program augmented with round-table discussions
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