Introduction to SEL Relays

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About this course…

This class provides hands on training to communicate with SEL protective relays and a basic understanding of SEL relay logic. The class will cover how to read and set SEL logic and focus on how to download Serial Event Recorder (SER) data and waveforms.

Who should attend…

This course is intended for those that are responsible for responding to equipment outages and troubleshooting switchgear issues. This would include electrical technicians, engineers, supervisors and maintenance electricians.


Attendees should have a good understanding of electrical theory and principles and some field experience.

Additional Requirements

Due to the wide range of software available, we cannot guarantee the exact software or firmware used at your location will be available. Computers with the software provided will be supplied for the class. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own computers and load the software on their computer during the class.


The Details…

Course Length 2 days (16 contact hours)

You’ll learn…
  • Basic understanding for SEL Logic
  • Operation of Acselerator QuickSet Software
  • How to log into SEL relays with no risk of accidently changing settings.
  • How to change or modify settings
  • How to communicate with different SEL relays
  • How to program and download the Serial Event Recorder (SER)
  • How to download waveform captures from the relay • How to interpret waveform and SER data
Relays Used…
  • SEL 701 Motor Protection relay
  • SEL 751 Feeder Protection relay
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