Fundamentals of Protective Relay Testing and Maintenance

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About this course…

Protective relay calibration requires specific skills and knowledge not gained in the normal course of a technician’s job duties. Often, technicians are given a test set, an overcurrent relay and an instruction book and told to figure it out. This creates uneven knowledge and can lead to very expensive mistakes. Even OJT training in this area can have problems if the person conducting the OJT does not have a full knowledge of the subject and/or poor communication skills. Shermco’s relay training starts with the basics and progresses through instrument transformers, overcurrent, over/under voltage electromechanical relays, then to solid-state and digital relays.

Who should attend…

This course is intended for new relay technicians or those who have a need for basic protective relay training. This would include electrical technicians, supervisors and new P&C technicians.


Attendees should have a good understanding of electrical theory and principles and some field experience.

The Details…

Course Length 4 days (32 contact hours)

Each student will receive a course text and Ugly’s Electrical Reference.

You’ll learn…
  • Operating principles, theory and application of common protective relays
  • Operating principles and theory for current and voltage transformers
  • Safety precautions for testing and maintaining protective relays
  • How to maintain protective relays and look for commonproblems Each open-enrollment student will receive a course text.
  • Interpreting protective relay internal schematics
  • Proper testing procedures for protective relays
  • How to perform tests on electromechanical, solid-state and digital relays
  • How to access digital relays to download information, such as events and error codes
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