Electrical Safety for Managers

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About this course…

As is often the case, the supervisors, managers and engineers who are responsible for plant maintenance are not actually the folks performing hands-on maintenance operations. However, it is critical that they understand workplace safety policies and regulations so they can plan for the direction and training of maintenance staff and assure that proper PPE, LOTO and other safety procedures are well understood and followed.

Who should attend…

Supervisors, managers, engineers, and others responsible for electrical workers.



The Details…

Course Length 1 days (8 contact hours)

Each open-enrollment student will receive a course text and a copy of NFPA 70E.

You’ll learn…
  • How electrical hazards in the workplace can affect your personnel, your company and those responsible for electrical workers
  • Recognize electrical safety hazards and plan a course of action to address each one
  • OSHA regulations and NFPA 70E requirements for employers taking specific measures to prevent electrical hazards from causing injury or death
  • Electrical hazard awareness and recognition
  • Managing liability created by electrical hazards
  • Designing and implementing an Electrical Safety Program (ESP) including policies, safe work procedures and permits, hazard analysis, risk assessments and reduction, training, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other specific written program documents
  • Performing an electrical hazard/risk analysis
  • Using the NFPA 70E to interpret hazard/risk category classification (HRC) of a given task and assure adequate PPE
  • How to incorporate changes implemented by the NFPA 70E update
  • Identify the steps needed to protect employees who work on or near energized parts
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