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Shermco is the Turnkey 
Disaster Recovery Solution

Since 1974, Shermco has been the leader in keeping electrical power systems functioning properly and safely. We’ve had the ability to stand apart from the rest of the field as our attitude, service quality, and wide range of capabilities is unique.

We understand that disasters can strike at any moment. Hurricanes, floods, storms.. You never know when it will happen or how much it will affect any system, but you do know that water and electricity make a mess. Shermco has the experience and expertise to help in advance planning for disasters and to get your electrical system and motors back online as soon as possible once the danger passes. We have the infrastructure and project management experience to manage very large projects correctly the first time. 



How Shermco Can Help You!


Pre-Disaster Planning & Inventory Assessment


Emergency Power & Support Services


On-site Circuit Breaker Repair & Remanufacturing


Safety Engineering Support


Transformer Repair & Testing


Trained & Experienced Disaster Recovery Team

Shermco’s 6-Step Disaster Recovery Process


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Disaster Recovery


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